Gambaran Peran Penyuluhan Sebagal Upaya Merubah Pandangan Masyarakat Terhadap Tindakan Pembersihan Karang Glgl Di Dusun I Teladan Desa Adolina Kecamatan Perbaungan


  • Yetti Lusiani Poltekkes Kemenkes Medan


Extension, Perception, Tartar Cleaning Actions


Background: Counseling is an activity that teaches something or a new ability, gives knowledge or information to the community so that their attitudes and behavior are shaped according to what they should be. To change people's perceptions, an education is needed. Perception is a person's response to something according to his understanding.This study aims to describe the role of counseling as an effort to change people's perceptions of tartar cleaning actions in Dusun I Teladan Village of Adolina Kecamatan Perbaungan Perbaungan Subdistrict. The study was a descriptive study with a survey method and examined 30 samples.Through the research, it was known that the public perception of tartar cleaning was as follows: beforethe  counseling 7 people (23.3%) were in good criteria, 22 people (73.3%) in moderate criteria and 1 person (3.3%) in poor criteria, but after the counseling about scaling, 30 people (100%) were in good criteria. This study concluded that counseling played a role in changing one's perception of tartar cleaning.