Editorial process

The process of submitting an article until the decision is accepted or rejected

[1]  Author submits articles to journals;
[2]  The editor checks whether the article is worth sending to the reviewer (first decision = maximum 7 days);
[3]  If the article is feasible, the editor sends it to 2 reviewers for review;
[4]  If willing to review, the reviewer will give a review/examination of the content of the article, if not willing, the reviewer can immediately reject it, and the editor will look for another reviewer as a replacement;
[5]  Reviewers who are willing to review articles, will comment on the article and fill out the review form and upload the checked article in the ojs account;
[6]  The reviewer gives a decision to accept, revise, or reject (the maximum time for the reviewer to review the article is 14 days);
[7]  The editor sends the review article from the reviewer to the author for improvement (second decision = revision);
[8]  Author download & fix the article according to the notes;
[9]  Author uploads the revised article to the journal;
[9]  The editor gives a third decision to accept or reject the article for publication, if accepted, an accept notification (LoA) will be sent to the author's email.


Insight Management Journal implements the following peer review process policies:

[1]  Authors are advised to check plagiarism and be free of other copyright violations before submitting manuscripts;
[2]  The submitted manuscript will go through 2 (two) types of review processes, namely editors and reviewers;
[3]  The editor reviews the suitability of the scope and template, in this process the editor will establish communication with the author so that the manuscript is worthy of being sent to the reviewer or even returned / declined;
[4]  After passing step 3 (three), the manuscript will be sent to 2 (two) reviewers for review/review of the content with the double blind review method;
[5]  Reviewers review manuscripts to consider novelty, objectivity, methods, scientific impact, conclusions, and references;
[6]  The reviewer will suggest improvements and/or acceptance/reject of the manuscript;
[7]  The editor will make a decision by considering the advice of the reviewer whether the manuscript meets the requirements of the Insight Management Journal;
[8]  The editor's decision on the manuscript is final;
[9]  The entire process from sending articles, reviewing and publishing is carried out in full web-based OJS.